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Birth Doula with Couple

Support For Partners & Family

As a trained birth professional my focus is to work with each of my families prior to labor not only to identify their goals but to talk about each person’s role and how we will all be working together as a team. While the expectant mother is the only one in active labor, the doula is there just as much to support the partner during the labor and birthing process. As labor unfolds I encourage the partner to be more confident in providing support, helping them know just the right place to apply pressure, and the right things to say. I allow for the supportive partner to take the lead and provide evidence-based information as we work as a team to bring the new baby into the world.

Add On Services for Support Partners

Image by Chinh Le Duc

Stock Your Freezer

While you may have had every intention to batch-cook and freeze meals and snacks, the reality is that it often isn’t enough. For all existing clients, I will deliver ready-to-eat, pre-made meals right to your door. This service can be a life-saver for your sanity and stomach.

Together, we will discuss your family's favorite meals and create nourishing, nutrient-dense, and satisfying meals that will keep everyone happy and healthy. 

Skip the prep time and dishes!

Enjoy a warm, homemade meal when you need it the most. 

Please contact Rebecca to discuss pricing options.

1:1 Birth Partner Support Prep

Work one on one with me to learn the best way to support your partner through labor, delivery and the early postpartum period.  This class is offered with the support partner specifically in mind. I strongly recommend that support partners have taken a childbirth preparation class prior to taking this class as it will build onto basic information learned in a childbirth preparation class or series.

Image by John Looy
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