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Honored to be invited on your journey with you.

Gratefully Serving Cincinnati, Dayton, and NKY Communities


About Me

Rebecca Jahngien CD(CBI)
Certified Doula

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I am passionate about providing support to people on their individual journeys from menstruation and fertility planning, pregnancy and childbirth, through bereavement and loss and end-of-life. I am committed to being with you to help transcend any fear, worry, or stress you may have surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and the end of life.  I will work heartfully with you to replace those feelings with confidence, calm, and readiness.

I feel honored to be invited to join your journey with you.

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Menstrual & Fertility Coaching

Holistic coaching support from puberty through menopause with a focus on healthy practices to enhance fertility and menstrual health.

Pregnancy and Birth Doula

Encouraging and evidence-based emotional and physical support for birthing people and their partners during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

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Miscarriage & Bereavement Support

Individualized unbiased emotional and physical support for expectant parents and their partners during the emotional and intimate labors that involve loss.

End of Life Doula

Emotional, physical, spiritual, and practical support for individuals and families coping with death by providing assistance and guidance with holistic services during transformative life changes.


I started working with Becca pretty early in my first trimester. I was a nervous wreck because I had miscarried my pregnancy prior. Best decision I made for myself and my baby! Becca's support brought an ease and confidence to the table that allowed me to move through my pregnancy and actually enjoy it! I labored for 40 hours and in that time period had to make a lot of decisions. Rebecca made sure I understood and was making the best choices for me throughout it all. My daughter is now 10 weeks old and I am still receiving wellness checks and support! I'd 100% recommended Becca to any excepting moms !!

Tiffany M.


...Rebecca was absolutely perfect! She was so supportive for both me and Jacob! She helped me stick to my birth plan when it got hard and I wanted to quit. She literally held me up while I gave birth. She vibed so well with us and it was so special to have her as part of our team. She has been supportive after birth, helping me with any concerns and questions. She has such a positive personality. Jacob and I are so glad we had her support. My labor could not have gone any better!

Marissa H.

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