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This is an intimately important support structure. I am grateful to be able to offer comprehensive and loving care to those experiencing loss during pregnancy.

Virtual Support:

$250 virtual support only

  • Phone, email, and text support 

  • Virtual support via an online platform

  • Care Plan

  • After-Care check-ins for two weeks


In-Person Support:

$250 virtual support + $ 40/hr in-person support

  • Phone, email, and text support 

  • Virtual support via an online platform

  • In-person support: meal prepping at your home, creating a care plan, evidence-based information to affirm and guide through the active stage of miscarriage, and comfort techniques

  • After-Care check-ins for two weeks


Please reach out to me to discuss a personalized plan to meet your needs during this time.

A Perinatal Loss doula is someone that supports, holds space, and comforts a person and their partner through the journey of miscarriage. As a trained Perinatal Loss doula, I serve people experiencing general pregnancy loss, d&c procedures including autonomous abortion and TMFR (termination for medical reasons), and stillbirth as part of the perinatal loss spectrum.


Having a miscarriage doula can be the difference between having a difficult yet manageable experience and feeling lost through or out of control of the process. Whether or not you’ve experienced a miscarriage, think of your most difficult experiences in life. How much of a difference would it have made if you had a trained professional who was adept at helping you navigate through that experience? 

That’s the importance of a miscarriage doula. The benefits of having a miscarriage doula are having emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual support through one of your most difficult experiences. 

Added Benefits Include:

  • Having a resource who can answer your questions about your body and the process of miscarriage

  • Lowering the risk of developing postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Helping to ease the physical discomfort of a miscarriage

  • Helping you feel less alone after your loss


If you’re facing or have faced a miscarriage, know that you will get through this, and your experience will be that much easier if you can give yourself the support you need and deserve.

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