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Menstruation & Fertility Coaching

Holistic coaching support from puberty through menopause with a focus on healthy practices to enhance fertility and menstrual health. 

Working with a fertility specialist helps you to feel empowered through your journey.  Whether you are just starting to think about conception and interested in learning how to optimize your fertility, or you have been working with a fertility doctor, I am here to compliment your journey.

Who Benefits from Fertility Coaching?

  • Pre-teens and Teenagers preparing to experience menstruation

  • Women interested in learning about Fertility Awareness Methods as a way to prevent and promote pregnancy

  • Women struggling with “unexplained” infertility

  • Women who have experienced implantation failure

  • Women who have experienced miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss

  • Women who have experienced stillbirth or preterm labor/delivery

  • Partners who are looking to educate themselves, personally heal and be a source of support for their partner


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Menstrual Coach

1:1 Personalized Session - 1 Hour

We will work together to talk about your menstrual history and dig deep to uncover your personal goals for fertility and for greater knowledge of your body's natural rhythm.  

Together, we will discuss:

  • Cramping and PMS Symptom Relief

  • Menstrual Cycle Mapping and Basal Body Temperature 

  • Menstrual Cycle Phases

  • Phase Specific Hormones

  • Cyclical Eating: Phase Supportive Foods

  • Menstrual Care Products

  • Self Care During Menstrual Cycle

$75 Zoom

$100 In Person

Brother's Kiss

Fertility Coaching & Support

1:1 Personalized Care Plans

I take on a limited number of clients seeking fertility support to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. By offering Fertility Coaching and Support, my goal is to reduce any stress, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your future baby.

I offer a complimentary service to the work you are doing with your established fertility medical care provider and offer emotional, physical, and evidence-based support through your journey.

I will be there for you to hold your hand during appointments, guide you through breathwork and calming techniques, offer suggestions for holistic self-care, and help guide you and your partner through the highs and lows of this process.

I know, from a deeply personal experience, what this time looks like emotionally and physically and will hold space for you as you navigate this path. 

I also offer 1:1 support for partners experiencing this journey with you. Please click below to see how I can help lend support to them.

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